Linux logs


All logs older than 7 days are deleted every day (hard coded; no logrotate configuration)

Anka controller and registry services can run with linux, using docker containers. logs are available via the controller dashboard , docker logs and via directories in correspondence with anka services. Generally, log files are created for each vm upon vm start .
Anka controller is responsible for cleaning unused vms logs.

Anka Controller

  1. By Docker logs command : docker logs --follow <Name of the container running the controller>

  2. The controller is an API, so all API connections made to it from Anka-agent or CI platforms(Jenkins) logs in these logs. If a vm fails to start it suggests first to check this logs.

Anka Registry

Location : the directory you spcified in the docker-compose.yml, for mounting the logs to your machine.

  1. By docker logs command : docker logs --follow <Name of the container running the registry>

  2. the registry and agent logs share the same file. you can see it in Controller dashboard at the ‘log’ tab under the name of your host.

agent logs

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